Completed Projects – Pratt Home

Patricia’s remodel consisted of a complete tear-out of the existing kitchen, including old cabinetry, appliances, and countertops. Installed were new cabinetry, new lighting, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. She calls the style ‘contemporary country.’ “My kitchen means a lot to me,” she explains. “It’s where everybody congregates and you want them to feel comfortable. It’s where we eat, meet and gather—it’s the living space of the house, and it’s important it would have this comfortable feel. I love to eat and like to cook.”

After getting three bides, Patricia ultimately chose Kitchen Mart for several reasons. Primarily, she was impressed with Kitchen Mart’s work, she liked the fact that Kitchen Mart had software that could show her what her kitchen would look like before it was built, and she had friends who had used Kitchen Mart and were very pleased with the results. Some of her favorite features of her new kitchen include deep storage drawers, the ‘soft-close’ drawer feature, the Lazy Susan, and the custom furniture-like piece Kitchen Mart built with reed glass, which compliments the style of the house.

“I’m extremely happy,” Patricia says. “Kitchen Mart did a great job. I would recommend Kitchen Mart to friends, family, enemies…anyone.”

Project Scope: Complete Remodel
Start to Finish:
1 Month

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