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Olsen Kitchen range and counter

The Olsens had been considering updating their kitchen for about ten years, though they were satisfied with the overall layout, functionality, and construction of their cabinet boxes. After researching various companies and seeing different completed jobs, they decided to go with Kitchen Mart. As a result, they were delighted to learn of all the various design options they could encounter when choosing a mini kitchen remodel. Their mini-remodel entailed cabinet re-facing with new wood doors and drawer fronts, new cabinet hardware, and new countertops. The Olsens chose bright white cabinetry and seamless light blue Corian, creating a very comfortable kitchen with lots of natural light.

“My wife and I are impressed with how clean everything is, how well constructed it is, and how accommodating Kitchen Mart was in responding to our requests for specific changes,” Wally says. “They’re real craftspeople and we’re really impressed overall.”


Project SOlsen kitchen counter and stoolscope: Mini Kitchen Remodel

Start to Finish: 5 Days

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