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Hanks Kitchen range & hoodThe Hankses had been considering a kitchen remodel for 22 years. Years ago, when they had moved into their 1960s ranch-style house, they were determined to create the kitchen Stacy had always wanted. “I wanted a kitchen that was the central hub of everything, wanted room for people to hang out around the counter, the center island. I wanted it open, airy, and well-lit,” she explains.

Now, thanks to Kitchen Mart, Stacy, Randy, and their family enjoy their new kitchen everyday. The kitchen opens up to a new great room, which helps fill the kitchen with more natural light. The original kitchen was completely gutted down to the studs, with Randy and family completing some of their own demolition and tear out. They removed a load-bearing wall and replaced a header beam, and Kitchen Mart, they share, was one of the only companies they contacted that was willing to take on this type of project. They chose Hickory cabinets, stainless steel appliances, wood flooring, and an exotic green granite, which creates a warm and hospitable feel for the Hankses.

“The first time I saw the rendition that Kathy [one of Kitchen Mart’s designers] was going to do with my kitchen, I started crying,” Stacy says. “It was everything I ever dreamed about, never thought I was going to get, and finally got.”

“My kitchen means family,” she continues. “It means friends. I love to entertain. With the kitchen I had before, I was embarrassed. I can cook some really good food regardless of the kitchen, but when you have people over, you want to show them something nice. It’s the heart of my home. I love to cook and cook because I love. My kitchen is home. Happy. Family. Love. Joy. Friendship. Sharing. Good smells. Tastes. Laughter. It’s the heart of my home.

“Kitchen Mart’s attention to detail was immaculate,” Randy adds. “ The finished product is fantastic. We’re very happy.”

Project Scope: Complete Remodel and Architectural Changes
Start to Finish:
2 ½ Months

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