Piedrafina Marble Surfaces

Piedrafina Marble Surfaces for Bathrooms

Piedrafina Marble is the Natural Choice to exceed expectations in any environment where marble surfacing can be utilized. Piedrafina combines nature with innovative engineering to achieve the ideal size, colors and quality of marble surfacing for a variety of residential and commercial applications including; bathroom vanities, shower and tub surrounds, tub decks, walls, furniture tops, fireplace surrounds and stairways. With the unrivaled advantage of a 60″ wide slab, Piedrafina offers designers and homeowners alike, the opportunity to create shower surrounds with limited seams* and minimal material waste.

*On walls of 60″ or less, shower surrounds can be designed so that the only seams will be those where the material meets together in a corner.

Piedrafina Marble is comprised of approximately 95% natural marble (using the fall-off that occurs during the processing of traditional marble slabs) combined with polyester resin binders and pigments to create exquisite colors with exceptional strength, consistency and durability. Like traditional marble, Piedrafina Marble requires sealing and the use of a neutral PH cleaner, but this easy care and maintenance routine will ensure that your Piedrafina Marble surfaces look beautiful for many years to come.

Offering fifteen colors, you are sure to find a color that will complement your color palette.

Piedrafina Collection:

Arena PiedrafinaArena Bianco PiedrafinaBianco Botticino PiedrafinaBotticino Cappuccino PiedrafinaCappuccino
Capri PiedrafinaCapri Carrera PiedrafinaCarrera Classico Piedrafina
Emperador PiedrafinaEmperador
Fossil PiedrafinaFossil ** Glacier PiedrafinaGlacier Graphite PiedrafinaGraphite ** Iceberg PiedrafinaIceberg **
Luna PiedrafinaLuna Noche Bella Piedrafina
Noche Bella
Perla PiedrafinaPerla Roca Cafe PiedrafinaRoca Café
Sandstorm PiedrafinaSandstorm Venatino PiedrafinaVenatino    


**Piedrafina Fusion is a fusion of quartz and natural materials blended to offer exceptional performance in the bathroom environment. The properties of Fusion Marble boost both hardness and resistance to staining while maintaining elegance and affordability. This product is a revolution of its own and has no comparisons in the marketplace.

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