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LG Hi-Macs® Maintenance

If you have searched long and hard for a durable and tough material that is superior in quality, we would like to congratulate you on choosing LG Hi-Macs®. The material is hard-wearing and extremely repellent to stains, and is therefore very easy to look after. We would like to provide you with a few simple tips and hints on caring for your product so that you can enjoy its exceptional quality for many years to come.

General Day-To-Day-Stains

Hi-Macs® is a completely homogenous material. As it does not have any pores, you can simply and easily clean it with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild detergent. You can also use a domestic scouring agent on all matte finishes. It is also useful to wipe your surface occasionally with a scouring agent or wet sponge to retain the even finish of your product. After this, it is recommended to polish your countertop with a product such as Countertop Magic, which can be found at most hardware stores, to retain the countertop’s luster.

Tougher Stains

Tougher stains, caused by food coloring, tea, or fruit juice can easily be removed using a bleaching agent. DO NOT leave this agent in contact with the work surface for more than five minutes. Clean the surface with a domestic, all-purpose cleaner and rinse with clean water afterward. You can also use a scouring agent on matte finishes. Nail polish can easily be removed with acetone-free nail polish remover, or a scouring agent.

Brightening Your Sink

If you are noticing that your Hi-Macs® sink is not as white as it once was, you can

easily fix this with simple household bleach. It is recommended that you mix ½ cup of bleach with warm water to each sink bowl and let the solution sit for a minimum half an hour. After this, simply drain the solution, and your sink will be restored to its original color.

Hot Objects & Burn Marks

Hot saucepans or pots straight out of the oven or from the hob should not be laid directly on the Hi-Macs® surface. Place a mat or board underneath these to prevent any damage to your product. If you pour boiling liquids into Hi-Macs® sinks or basins, you should also pour in cold water at the same time.

Small burn marks can simply be removed using a scouring agent or an abrasive sponge.

Sharp Objects

Hi-Macs® copes effortlessly with eh wear and tear of everyday lie, however pointed or sharp-edged objects can leave cuts or scratches on the Hi-Macs® surface. You can repair smaller cuts and scratches without too much trouble, but we recommend the services of a professional for especially deep cuts.


LG Hi-Macs® is solid surface at its best. With the right care, Hi-Macs® will still look astonishingly new after years.

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