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Cultured Marble, Onyx & Cast Granite Maintenance

Cultured marble, cultured onyx, and cast granite are durable cousins that lend themselves naturally to a bathroom environment. These cast polymer products offer clean lines, harmonious styling and a nonporous surface that resists mildew and staining, and wipes clean with minimal effort. It is versatile enough to complement an ever widening range of architectural and decorating styles, from traditional designs to the most contemporary. All three materials are available in an ever-changing palette of colors.

Routine Care

To maintain the shine and to protect your cultured marble product, only use liquid cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol Basin Tub & Tile Cleaner, or Scrub-Free Soap Scum Remover.

It is not recommended that you use any abrasive cleansers like Soft Scrub, powdered Comet, or Ajax. They may damage the high gloss surface.

All cleaners have a toll-free phone number on them that you can call if you have any questions.

Protecting Your Product

The water in the Sacramento area and surrounding communities is known for its harshness and deposits. Kitchen Mart suggest that at least once a month you use a product called Gel Gloss, which can be purchased at most hardware stores and plumbing centers.

This cleaner/polish leaves a wax finish which helps repel the water off walls and in bowls.  A clear or white automotive wax can also be used to wax the surface.

If hard water and soap build up, you can use the blue Scotch-Brite Multi-Purpose. Do not use the green one, as it is abrasive!

DO NOT use Scratch Scour Pads found at grocery storess

Any type of sponge or pad you can use on Teflon, etc., can also be used.

When cleaning shower or tub walls, be careful not to scrub or agitate the silicone seams.  They should simply be sprayed and wiped or rinsed off.

To clean the textured floor of shower pans, a soft bristled nylon brush can be used.


With proper care and maintenance you can enjoy your Cultured Marble Product for years to come!

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